Skinless & Boneless?

While you might prefer to buy the skinless, boneless chicken breast as opposed to bone-in, skin-in, keep in mind that you're paying more, while reducing the potential flavor!

No, you don't have to eat the skin, but it you cook chicken breasts intact, the resulting meat inside will  be more moist and more filled with whatever tastes you're combining it with!

Try searing the breast, skin side down, in an almost smoking cast iron skillet, about 5 minutes, then turning and doing the same on the other side.  Remove the chicken from the skillet and set aside temporarily.  

Then play!

Throw in some chopped garlic, some onion, shallots, mushrooms- whatever you fancy!  Saute til properly cooked, perhaps add some chicken broth and/or a splash of wine, reduce and then add the chicken back in.  Cook further in the over, until an internal thermometer reads 160.

Remove from oven and let rest- you'll see what I mean when you cut into the most savory and juicy chicken breast you've eaten!