I Just Couldn’t Resist…

This was the opening statement of an email I received from a gentlemen relatively new to Paleo.  He’d written to inquire if it was ‘normal’ to give in on day three to chips and salsa at his favorite Mexican restaurant after feeling very, very bored of the food he’d eaten for the past half week.


Hmmm… that’s a hard one.

Common?  Yes, perhaps, but here’s the thing:  if you’re not approaching Paleo with a playful and creative touch, it can, indeed feel boring and restrictive.

I wrote back and asked what he’d eaten for those three days.

As soon as I received his reply, I could see what the issue was right away.

“I had poached eggs for breakfast with sliced melon, steamed broccoli and broiled chicken for lunch and grilled salmon and asparagus for dinner.”

He confirmed that was all he’d eaten, period, for three full days. 

Are those healthy foods?

Of course, but eaten repetitively, and without any added, good fats, or fresh herbs at the minimum, it’s easy to see why he felt bored.

Does that mean everyone should implement the ‘cheat day’ strategy from the get go?

Not at all.

Rather, allow your cooking to become your creative outlet and go to town with any fresh herbs and spices, a huge variety of local, seasonal veggies, any wild proteins you can find at your farmer’s market and trust that the worst thing that would occur is a realization that it turns out you don’t actually love thyme with chicken and so, guess what?  Next time you’ll buy basil instead.

If you want this to stick, set it up in such a manner that you actually enjoy everything you’re eating and when we consider the vast array of healthy Paleo options we have, it’s not remotely difficult.

I would honestly not recommend that anyone follow a diet that is too restrictive and boring.  I wouldn’t do it myself.  Please keep that in mind when you consider I’ve been Paleo for nine years, am absolutely a foodie and being Paleo in no way compromises my ability to test and try all kinds of food.  Just takes a little creativity and investigation!

True Paleo may be a lot of things, but one thing it is not is boring!