How To Eat Less (of the Wrong Type of) Nuts

Buy them with the shell on!

Not only are they far more fresh, they’re less expensive and you’re less likely to gobble them up like there’s no tomorrow, the way many people tend to do with a vat of roasty, salty nuts from Costco.

To clarify, I’m not suggesting ‘fat is bad’ or ‘don’t eat nuts’; quite the opposite, in fact.  For anyone who’s familiar with me, or with Paleo, you’ll know I support getting a regular dose of healthy fat.

I’m simply suggesting you choose a good source of it, and raw walnuts, eaten mindfully, are a much better option that handful after handful of a peanut-laden, high salt concoction that often has little nutritional bang left in it after all the cooking at high temps and sitting on a shelf for long periods of time.

Try swapping out your usual go-to nut source and see if you don’t find you’re eating less, more conscientiously and enjoying them more as you’re actually thinking about the fact that you’re eating something, rather than making it part of a multi tasking experience.