I Used to Suffer From…

I heard a piece this morning on the news about those who suffer terribly from migraine headaches.  Fortunately, I have never experienced one myself but have certainly had close friends who also faced the challenge of this temporarily debilitating and painful health issue.

Naturally, there was an interview with a doctor who spoke about some current research being done on the topic and some new drugs that would soon be coming out.

Also naturally, there was zero mention of food or diet.

The patient being interviewed described in great detail the horrible pain she’d had during her entire life, every time one of these migraines would occur.  At her wit’s end, she couldn’t wait to try the new prescription coming out.

Then, it occurred to me how helpful it would be if there were some platform or forum upon which those who used to suffer from migraines and found relief though Paleo, might be a resource for those who are still in the depths of it.  Further, I then began to think about how this could be invaluable with all illnesses and maladies that one might have had to deal with in the past, but found relief or complete cures via motion and going Paleo (remember…just eat food?).

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many people with all sorts of different health issues that brought them to Paleo, from MS, to migraines, to Hashimoto’s, to hypothyroidism, to acne, to GI distress and so on and so on.

They all say the same thing:  they wish they’d known about Paleo years ago so that they could have lived pain and symptom free all that much longer.

So, here’s my little encouragement to you…if you used to suffer from any form of illness, whether it was mild or serious, please reach out and do your little piece to help.  Send a quick email to an organization that focuses on that particular malady, write a little article for your local paper or start your own blog.  If we all do our part to get everyone eating a little healthier, we’ll be doing a grand job paying it forward!

Even if only one person reads or hears your message, that’s one life you may have the chance to change.  What a gift!

Go on, then!