In A Pinch, and Rather Tasty…

Last year, at Paleo FX, I had the chance to sample something brilliant: AMRAP bars. 

Part of the current Primal Life Kit Sale, they’re a definite must try.

From the Cross Fit acronym meaning As Many Reps As Possible, they’re not just for those who choose this type of training as their mode of exercise; they also suit an in a pinch situation just perfectly.

To reiterate, before you read any further, please let this go in- I’m writing about this product as something you might want to have on hand for those situations where you find yourself… in a pinch such as one of the following situations:

  • You’re at the office longer than you thought you’d be.
  • You took a wrong turn on a road trip and ended up far, far off the beaten track and the only possible alternatives are an order of large fries and coke.
  • Or you’re flying to another country with strict agricultural regulations and bringing fresh salad and proteins is not permissible.

OK, now that you get the idea…

The nice thing about AMRAP bars is that they are actually, really Paleo.

All too often, with the growing popularity of Paleo, products that are Paleo-ish are making their way into the mainstream.

Bars that contain whey protein are not.

Neither are powders that have pea or rice protein.

Nor are gluten-free breads made with corn flour.

With an ingredient panel containing only Paleo friendly foods you can actually identify, these bars fit the rare description of being something I’d actually eat.

They served rather well on long endurance rides I did off season, offering a much cleaner option than those carbohydrate gels, I’ve weaned myself off of (the very last one I had was over six months ago at Kona) for bouts of activity lasting longer than what I’ve currently adapted my body to train at in a fasted state.

Give them a try as they’re part of the current Primal Life Kit sale.

So long as you’re not dealing with an autoimmune condition for which you’ve got to avoid egg, you’ll enjoy the flavor, the portability and the knowledge that your next ‘in a pinch’ situation will not leave you with no other options that to stray far, far away from your True Paleo regime.