Feet Up and Resting

It was a challenging day out there yesterday for me!   A good day at the office, I suppose, when it all comes down to it, though!

Not a PR day for me, but another Ironman experience under the belt is always a good learning experience.  

A good measure of success, aside from how one places, is whether or not, at the end of the race, it can be said that all was given and every effort made.  That’s all any athlete can control.  Not who else shows up that might have a faster performance on that particular day, nor the winds…only what’s in your head!

I gave it what I had yesterday, and last year, that meant 6th place with a 10:17, and yesterday it meant 12th and 10:38.

All good and now time to head to another island for a few days of R&R! 

Thanks to those of you who followed along and send good wishes- and a congrats to anyone else who participated!