Paleoista Mex

Greetings from Mexico! Nope, I’m not coming to you poolside, sipping a margarita, whiling away the time reading a silly chick-lit book. I’m actually here for work, but it hardly feels that way! Nearly six years ago, I began working with a gentleman who’s become one of my longest- term clients and best referral sources. Inaki de la Parra  is an elite ultra endurance athlete and coach. In fact, he’s not only a coach, he’s a coach who coaches along with my own coach! (How’s that for word repetition?) Cutting right to the chase, Lifesport Mexico is a newer branch of my coach’s (oops, there’s that word again) business, Lifesport, based in Canada. Lance has coached me for seven years and he’s like family now. So, when he and Inaki partnered a while back, it couldn’t have been a better fit. And now, I’m thrilled to be a part of the 2015 January Lifesport Camp, held in Merida Mexico, where I’ll be presenting on Paleo eating for triathlon performance as well as how Paleo eating helps us all achieve optimal health and just feel better. As a Paleo endurance athlete myself, it’s particularly enjoyable on a personal level to have the opportunity to speak to like-minded individuals to shoot the breeze about all things Paleo and enjoy some local, delicious Paleo-Friendly cuisine. BTW, if you’re wondering how to eat Paleo Mex and thinking it’s all about burritos and nachos, you’ve got a lot of great surprises in store in blog posts and recipes in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, if you’re still getting past ‘how can an endurance athlete keep Paleo’, be sure to check out Pocket Paleo: Workout.  With the foreward written by renowned triathlon coach (and Paleo eater himself), Joe Friel, it’s a must-have guide for your endurance fueling arsenal…and it’s only $2.99!