Indirectly Paleo

Indirectly only in as much that it’s not marketed that way…

I’ve been staying on the small Hawaiian Island of Lanai for the past several days (and I must recommend the Four Seasons Manele Bay  to anyone who is looking for the epitome of a relaxing vacation) and it’s been extremely easy to stay Paleo here, without even having to make many substitutions to the menu.

Offered poolside each day were small bites including:

  • Pineapple, melon and grape skewers
  • Ahi poke (sans soy)
  • Melon wrapped in sliced beef
  • Blended all-fruit smoothies

Breakfast offerings each day included

  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Local, fresh fruit
  • Sauteed spinach

Lunches and dinners consisted of the variety of fresh fish I mentioned yesterday along with assorted green veg.

It was also interesting to note the abundance of gluten free items; not Paleo, of course, to have gluten free muffins or bread, but definitely a step in the right direction toward awareness!

Yet another example of how easy it is to keep Paleo while traveling!