Is That Rotisserie Chicken In The Market A Good, Paleo Option?

You’ve had a rough day at the office.  You didn’t make the time to grocery shop, or prepare any food so you know you’ve got to stop somewhere en route back home, as the alternative is going home to an empty fridge.

Ah!  That neatly packaged, rotisserie chicken you saw at the grocery store last time looked great!  

Why not just quickly grab one of those, some salad greens and create a perfect dinner?

Well, there’s no reason not to do that… as long as you don’t mind eating plastic.

Think about it.  

Not only do you not know where that chicken came from (most don’t even state whether they’re cage-free or not, which might be only slightly less inhumane than battery cages.  We need to make sure our poultry is pastured, not just cage-free), you also don’t know how long it’s been sitting under heat, in plastic containers.

The number one step, according to, in reducing exposure to BPA is “Don’t cook food in plastic containers or use roasting/steaming bags; the plastic residues may leach into food when heated in a regular or microwave oven.”

Feeling bummed because it seemed so simple?

Easy answer, even for the busiest of us.

Do you think you can find three extra minutes in the morning?   Chop an onion.  Put a raw pastured chicken in a slow cooker.  Add more stuff if you want (garlic, fresh herbs, other veggies).  Press slow-cook start. Leave for the office.

Not kidding. That’s all it takes to ensure a lovely, completely Paleo, plastic-free dinner will await you upon your return after a long day.