Crickets in Your Energy Bar

Makes sense to me.

I realize that many may cringe at the idea of eating an insect, but try and be a little open minded as you read on.

Last Wednesday, in the NY Times, I read an article about two guys who’ve created a company which sells, you guessed it, energy bars using crickets as the protein source.

After surmising accurately that most of the energy bars on the market aren’t that much better than candy bars, they decided to make a Paleo friendly version that was actually a healthy option.

According to their site, their research found:

“the insects are 69 percent protein by dry weight as compared with 31 percent for chicken breast and 29 percent for sirloin steak; they provide more iron than beef does and nearly as much calcium as milk. They produce one-eightieth the amount of methane that cattle do, and need one-twelfth their feed, based on 100-gram portions of each. And they can reproduce quickly and don’t require acres of grassland to graze.”

They used Kickstarter to fund the project and the rest is history!

Click here for the full article and why not give it a try?

Hey, I’d rather eat some crickets than something made of gluten, whey and sorbitol!