How Much Fruit Is Too Much Fruit?

Lots of clients ask me about fruit.  “Isn’t it too sugary?” or “Should I avoid fruit if I’m trying to lose weight?” are but two very commonly asked questions.

First of all, yes, fresh fruit is Paleo.

The part that I think confuses a lot of people is how much to eat and when.   

It’s pretty simple.  Choose the more sugary types of fruits, like bananas, for when you’re just about to go for a long run or just coming  back from a long endurance training session as part of your pre and post long workout meals.

On the flip side, choose the lower glycemic, higher fiber fruits, like berries, for when you’re eating a meal away from training, such as fresh blueberries scattered on top of a salad.

Fruit is an important part of the Paleo diet as it offers a broad range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber,

However, do not make the mistake of eating ten pieces of fruit per day and little to no veggies.

Make fresh veg the starting point of all meals (yes, that includes breakfast), then add some healthy proteins, some good fat and a small amount of fruit.  No, you do not have to eat fruit at every meal, although I find that many clients do like that tiny bit of natural added sweetness provided by a fresh strawberry or two or a nice crispy apple.

Balance is key- both with how often you eat, as well as within each meal.

All fresh fruits and all fresh vegetables are fair game for Paleo people, so enjoy!