It’s So Extreme!

It is? Eat lots of fresh, local veggies.  Eat some wild fish and some grass fed meat.  And don’t forget to add a nice portion of good, healthy fat. Oh, and avoid items in packages high in sugar, salt and unidentifiable additives. That, apparently, is extreme. But drinking bubbly beverages from cans containing aspartame or sucralose, swallowing  pills as a means to ensure we get enough calcium and vitamin D and downing protein-shakes made from that all too common protein powder, soy protein isolate is not. It can be hard message to deliver if we approach the Paleo regime with the idea that it’s super strict, very hard to follow long term and nearly impossible to do unless we live in a bubble. Not that I’m suggesting that this way of eating be forced upon anyone; I certainly wouldn’t want someone telling me that I should add bread or anything else to my diet that I want to avoid. Rather if we’re presenting it more as an education to anyone who asks, I feel it’s key to focus more on what we do eat, rather than rattling off  a list of what to avoid and what’s really going on in your gut when you ingest gluten. Since we can catch more flies with honey, and since occasional honey is more Paleo-ish than other sugars (sorry, bad joke), we need to exude the positive aspects in order to allow others to be intrigued to learn more rather than put off by a list of ‘you can never eat these foods again’. There truly are unlimited possibilities once we consider all the permutations of all the veggies, fruits, proteins and fats at our fingertips!