Just the Jus

I’m often asked about Paleo friendly sauces.  How can one thicken a sauce without flour?  Or, how can flavor be imparted to a sauce without soy sauce?

One easy answer is to keep it simple and just go with the jus!

‘Jus’ is nothing more than the natural juices given off by the food.  Roast a free range chicken and you’ll see what is referred to as ‘drippings’ in the pan when the cooking is finished.  

Some opt to skim the fat off and then mix the remaining stock with water, then boil.   Other preparations involve adding all sorts of flavorings.

My version is to use all of it.  

When I roast a chicken, yes, I enjoy some of the breast meat, which is all too commonly eaten these days, but I also love the thigh, the drumstick and yes, the skin.  (Incidentally, eaten on occasion, the high concentration of HCAs (heterocyclic amines) need not be of concern; but if you rub vitamin E on the skin, you’ll actually reduce the amount you ingest).

A meal consisting of steamed rapini, avocado, a chicken thigh and leg with some of that lovely jus drizzled over all of it will easily take the place of any sauce and not leave you feel as though you’ve missed out on anything!