Keeping Paleo While You’re Ill

Got a stomach bug?  Or even worse, the flu?


Typical recommendations for when you're feeling under the weather range the gamut from 'only drink liquids' to follow the B.R.A.T (as in Banana, Rice, Applesauce. Toast) diet.

Well, if your GI system is in distress because you're fighting a virus, the LAST thing you'd want to do is to add more insult to injury by inflicting grain and gluten upon it!

Yes, you may find that your body is telling you that certain foods sound great and others awful, but you needn't stray from Paleo,

Some of my best recommendations include:

-Smoothies- make them at home with water, egg white protein powder and berries or pumpkin puree (see my blog for past recipes posted!).

-Lots of herbal tea.

-Veggies steamed and then pureed into soup- with garlic, garlic, garlic!

-Other 'mushy' foods like natural applesauce with some hard boiled egg would work as well. 

Try and keep your diet ultra alkaline and even lower in fruit sugars than normal; if you're taking a few rest days in a row, you don't need that starch and also, certain bacteria and viruses thrive on sugar so you certainly don't want to supply food to them!

Ultimately, you'll have to see what your body is asking for.   If something makes you nauseated, don't eat it, but do know that you needn't go for saltine crackers or dry toast!

Get well soon!