Vegas Buffet- PALEO Style

Yes- when one thinks 'Vegas Buffet', it's quite unlikely that it would conjure up images of anything remotely healthy.  

Enter Nell… possibly one of the most picky orderers at a restaurant (but so what?)- I had an absolutely lovely meal at one of the infamous eateries here.

A quick peek 'round all the buffet offerings, and admittedly, what was on most people's plates, left a lot to be desired (most of the people dining there had plates that were heaped full of fried items, all in a similar colour palate of different degrees of whites to browns), but there were also some veg and protein options.

I had a brief chat with one of the line cooks who happily whipped me up a nice bowl of steamed broccoli, which was perfect to go with the freshly roasted turkey breast, some roasted Brussels Sprouts, chopped tomato and a bit of grapefruit.

It was a perfect, Paleo breakfast, after a good morning workout- a must do, as keeping lean & fit remains a huge priority whether one is at home or away…

Ask and you shall receive!

Vegas Buffet