Keep Your Holiday Sanity and Go For The Fat!

The last thing anyone needs during the festive, yet hectic, holiday season is spiking, then crashing, blood sugar levels.

If your approach to staying slim during the holidays has been one based on the idea of eating a low calorie or low fat diet in a futile attempt to ‘save calories’, you may already have noticed this unpleasant side effect.

As if the stress of planning holiday gatherings, shopping for the kids’ gifts and mentally preparing to host relatives weren’t enough, add an unsteady energy level and you’re sure to set yourself up for disaster.

While you may not be able to control the factors listed as examples above, one thing that is completely within your ability to contain is what foods go in your mouth.  Starting the day with a meal balanced with lean protein, healthy fat and some fresh veggies, and following the same template for subsequent meals is a surefire way to keep your energy steady and consequently, a sharp mental focus, both of which will allow you to get every last chore on your to-do list done with no qualms.

Good morning, avocado!