Lean Meat and Healthy Fat

It’s been a week since the  ‘post- Dr Oz Show controversy’ in the social media space and I’m still coming across all sorts of inaccurate information.

I just read one post on a site in which the author wondered why I didn’t include ‘healthy animal fats like butter’ in my presentation (um… that would be because dairy is not Paleo), another which criticized my suggestion to eat lean meat (if you’re questioning this- have a look at Chapter Two in Dr. Cordain’s The Paleo Diet, in which he states ” Eat plenty of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables’) and yet a third which angrily addressed the fact that I said Paleo was not a fad (right- it’s not).

Another blog commented that Dr. Oz doesn’t stick with one type of diet approach and that he ‘goes back and forth from one to another’.   Well… he’s a show host.  What’s he supposed to do?   His job isn’t to become a Paleo advocate and I’m simply thrilled to have had the opportunity to be a guest twice so far and to present a manner of healthy eating to millions.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most?  Getting people to eat more veggies, more natural proteins and less sugar and junk all together?

How about spending more time getting this message out?  

 If you truly are Paleo, lead by example and teach those around you.  

If you’re not truly Paleo, that’s fine as well, but couldn’t all the different approaches be called something else?  If your name is Mr X and you’re mostly Paleo but you eat grass fed butter, Oscar Mayer bacon and cream, couldn’t your method be called The Mr X Method and not Paleo, since, well…because it’s not Paleo?