Microwaves–good or bad?

I don't own a microwave and I don't feel I'm missing anything in the least.  I've had them before and it seems that no matter how top of the line you get, and how clean you keep it, it always ends up smelling like that awful, junky one in office common kitchens!

Certainly there are many positions as to whether it's safe to use a microwave to cook; I simply don't feel like I need it in the kitchen. 

As healthy cooking, eating, fueling for training and entertaining are such huge parts of the lives of my husband and myself, we've opted to maximize kitchen/living space and fortunately, that includes a lovely Boffi kitchen with dual Miele ovens.

However, even years ago when I was in college living in student housing at USC (and we all know how luxe that is- right) with a  twenty-year old range in a cramped kitchen, I still made it work.

My best advice is to use a minimalist approach.  Get rid of junky, old kitchen gadgets, pots, pans and knives you're not using.  You're better off  spending $250 on  ONE Wusthof chef's knife that will last you years (make sure you take proper care of it), instead of a entire cheap set of knifes that will corrode, dull, and not cut properly.  Not only are they ultimately a waste of money, they can be unsanitary (like rust in your food?) or dangerous (you'll be sloppy with your cutting if using a knife that doesn't slice properly).

Keep work surfaces, however small they may be, clean and spacious.  You don't have to leave everything out on the counter.  The mini prep food processor and blender don't need a permanent home out for all to see.  

I'm a firm believer in the idea that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered head.

Keep both your space, and your head, open and organized and you'll be far more likely to stay ahead of the creative Paleo cooking process!

Just work with what you have!