Sharing Plates – Tapas Style

What a fantastic way to try out several dishes on the menu while not overdoing the portion sizes!

As we all know, portion sizes in the US tend to border on ridiculous when compared to how much one actually needs to consume at one sitting.  At a typical restaurant, a couple dining together would likely have an abundance of food leftover if they were to order salads, followed by an entree (which is fine, if you're taking the rest of your food home, and otherwise, a complete waste!).

Tapas eateries are a great alternative.

Many offer 'small plate' varieties which are just slightly bigger than an Amuse Bouche, and thus allow patrons to sample several different options.

Last night, my husband and I entertained our out of town guests at one such venue, local to us in Venice, CA.

Between the four of us, we sampled several different offerings from the menu, all of which were friendly to the #PaleoDiet, including:

-Sauteed Rapini with garlic & oil

-Roasted Cauliflower with oil & fresh pepper

-Sauteed Okra with fresh tomato

-Brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil & chopped dates

-Pan Seared Black Cod

-Braised, Lean Pork Tenderloin

Such a great way to share an exquisite meal!  Give it a try and don't be wary of trying something new!