Viable Options for Protein on the Go

Protein Powder. How can it be Paleo if it’s been dried and dehydrated? Is it really the equivalent of enjoying a grass-fed burger in a lettuce wrap or wild tuna sashimi? Of course not. Yet many of us, myself included, are, or used to be, hung up on the idea that it’s a stellar protein source and something we definitely need during a workout to build energy levels or as a great way to stave off hunger during the day. True on both counts- insomuch as we do, in fact, need adequate protein, and that’s more than what the MyPlate schematic recommends, for sure, but as far as relying heavily on daily protein powder, it’s another story. I know I’m dating myself here, but do any of you remember the days of MetRx protein powder? Early to mid 90’s, marketed towards both body builders as well as (gulp) people like me, a former ‘gym bunny’? 🙂 Prior to that, there was another interesting protein powder available, only it wasn’t yet sold as such. Did you know that soy protein isolate was first approved for use in the US as a packing material? Nice! I was also, during my vegan stage, a proponent of ‘plant based’ protein powders. Can’t even believe that I used to think I’d get enough protein from rice, pea, hemp and chia; sheesh! Anyway, back to the present- many people who do opt to go the powders route are now going for whey- based protein. Without getting too much into the whole ‘there’s no dairy on Paleo’ issue, just know that a) just because you don’t feel bloated or gassy when you ingest any dairy products, it doesn’t mean they’re not taking a toll and b) if you have an autoimmune issue or celiac disease, you definitely want to avoid it, as gluten is very cross reactive with gluten. So what are we left with? 1 ) Enter the egg. And why not throw in some beef, too? At present, there are a couple of protein powders I like and will use for an in a pinch situation. This week, while I’m traveling and training internationally, and I’m not sure I’d be able to find fresh, local eggs that I’d be willing to eat raw, for me, it make sense. My favorite powder in this category is Paleo Pro. LINKS (Enter code 15NELL to receive 15% off your order. 2 ) But what if you have an autoimmune issue and eggs are a no-go?Not to worry here, ether; think grass- fed beef. Julian Bakery offers one in this category; be sure to tell them Paleoista sent you! 3 ) And if neither suits you? Fish! Amino Marine offers you a deal, too, if you enter Code Paleoista1 to receive 10% off your order.  They offer a few Paleo options and it may sound unlikely, but I tried it and liked it, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it with you! Remember, the take away here is not that you need to chug scoops of powdered protein on a daily basis. When you’re in a pinch, or a grey area as I refer to it, this may well be the best option when you simply can’t find a piece of fresh salmon. And while I’m here with all these athletes, I’ll be encouraging them all to get in the habit of recovering properly with my favorite Paleo recovery drink, the recipe for which I learned long ago in Dr. Cordain and Joe Friel’s the Paleo Diet for Athletes, Homebrew. If you go long and you’re still relying on all the commercially available powders, you’ve simply got to check it out. You won’t believe how good it tastes, how cost effective it is and how well you recover. Check out Pocket Paleo Workout, too, for more ideas on this topic.