On The Same Subject… That’s NOT Food Either!

I'm on an email list of one or two of the 'deal of the day' sort of web based companies… and when this one came through from a nearby restaurant (highlighted in RED to illustrated the NOT food portions!):


"… offers a smorgasbord of fully prepared meal options and market items, such as wine and cheese, to complement home-cooking adventures, as well as a menu of café-style breakfasts and lunches for dealing with hunger. Breakfast includes healthy steel-cut oatmeal, whose wholesome grains are smothered with brown sugar, dried fruit, and caramelized banana . A tofu scramble mixes up the pre-noon experience with spinach, Yukon gold potatoes, roasted peppers, onion marmalade, and soy cheese . At lunch, test-drive teeth on a classic grilled-cheese- sandwich road, which is constructed by decorating slices of egg bread with Vermont cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, and tomato , or dig into a salad mine with the Thai grilled flank steak, a heap of organic spicy greens, cilantro, peanuts, and more topped with a Thai-basil vinaigrette ."


And this is being touted as a  healthy place to eat!


How have we gotten to this state of affairs where people are fooling themselves into thinking that cheese, soy cheese, tofu, grains smothered in brown sugar and a grilled cheese sandwich represent healthy?


Apple anyone?