Stuck somewhere with no good food choices?

You can almost ALWAYS make it work.  At the coffee shop, at the airport, even at Denny's!

Here are some tips to help you make a good choice when you initially think there might not be one:

1) Scour the menu for any indication of fresh fruit or veggies.  While crewing for my husband's last 100mile run, we stopped in the middle of nowhere for something to eat.. at Denny's!  I saw that the menu showed spinach for a salad and veggies in one of their other options.  I was able to order a veggie & egg white omelet with a side of steamed spinach and fresh fruit.

2)Don't feel you have to eat ALL the contents of something pre-made.  For example, recently at the airport, I bought a pre-made salad (which was supposed to be Caesar, but fortunately, the cheese, croutons and dressing were in separate packs) with chicken on top, an apple and some roasted almonds.  Much better than what I might've been offered on the plane!

3)SImilarly, don't be afraid to pick apart and discard what you don't want.  If I'm working on my laptop at Starbucks, I may buy their turkey sandwich and, as I say, 'throw out the bread and 'eat the guts-the turkey' of it.  Again, maybe not ideal, but better than going for a scone or muffin!

Ultimately, if you're putting something in your body, it should be food, and it should be because you're hungry.