Missing Your Butter? Hello, Coconut Oil!

If you feel like swapping out butter in favor or olive oil in all your recipes is getting tiring and in some cases, just doesn’t produce the end result you’d hoped for, give coconut oil a try.

I’m always a little surprised when a new client or friend comments that they don’t already have this healthy fat as a daily part of their diet, although I suppose I shouldn’t be, given the misinformation that is out there about this Paleo friendly oil!

For example, you’ll find all sorts of recommendations to avoid it because ‘it’s high in saturated fat and as such, it raises the risk of obesity’ (really?) or ‘switching to other vegetable oils like canola will reduce one’s risk of heart disease’ (thank you for that, Monsanto).

The reality of it is that coconut oil is very nutritious, reduces risk of many diseases and illnesses, helps prevent bacterial infections, provides a rich source of medium chain triglycerides which provide a faster releasing energy than other fats…and does not raise cholesterol.   The list of benefits goes on and on.

If you’re deciding when to use coconut oil and when to use olive oil in cooking, opt for the former if cooking something at higher temps, and olive oil for lower heat.  

Enjoy both uncooked as well;   I love a spoon of raw coconut oil straight from the jar as part of a snack as it goes with everything!

Wherever you used to use butter, try coconut oil.  Just don’t eat it on toast- don’t eat toast period, for that matter!

Click here for an easy recipe for coconut oil on eggs and greens!