My Favorite Little Portable Fat

Artisana has always been my favorite brand of organic, raw coconut oil, but they’ve really done it now.

Not that it’s a brand new offering, but it’s something I’ve failed to blog about before- their single serve coconut oil packets.

I use them often for travel, as well as for training as they come in quite handy as a healthy, easy to digest fat both when on the go and during an endurance ride or long hike.

Rather than always having to rely on nuts as a go-to fat source simply due to how ‘easy’ they are (no prep, no refrigeration needed), here’s a great alternative that offers the missing component to many a snack or meal eaten out to balance out the other, easier to find parts (clean carbohydrate from fresh fruit and veg, and natural proteins from organic sliced turkey or a some homemade jerky).

With natural antimicrobial properties, and as the only food source of MCTs, this is a must have staple in your diet.  Keep a packet in your desk at work, in your car and even in your suitcase.  Yes, it’ll turn to liquid when it’s warm, but you’re only going to eat it straight away since it’s meant to serve just one anyway.

Check it out here!