My Kind Of Nuts

I was out running errands the other day and stopped into my local Pharmaca (a chain of natural pharmacies we have in California).

As I glanced the contents of the shelf near the check out line, something caught my eye amongst the chocolate and ‘energy bars’.

A bag of nuts, with a label indicating BPA-free packaging seemed to jump off the shelf to me.  

I picked it up and read the contents; too good to be true!  Not only were the nuts ones I really like (pecans, walnuts and brazils), they were roasted in coconut oil!

Now, if you’re going to eat some nuts now and then, this is the way to do it!

A far cry from that vat you might see at Costco, roasted in peanut oil, doused in salt and left to sit on the shelf for who knows how long, this is a much better, healthier and tastier option!

Grab a handful and stick the rest in the freezer for next time!