Natural Salad Dressing and the Importance of Reading Labels

I chuckled to myself the other day when I purchased a premixed salad to go that came with a salad dressing and read its ingredient label.

I wasn’t planning on ingesting it, but I frequently review labels nonetheless, just to see what is being sold, and, more often than not, it’s not pretty.

This one, labeled ‘Natural Olive Olive Dressing’, contained, in this order: water, soybean oil, sugar (and, here it comes…) pure olive oil.

So, somehow, the inclusion of pure olive oil (rather than what?  Tainted olive oil?), should cancel out the fact that it’s not  a main ingredient and that two of the three primary components of the recipe are anything but natural.

Those tricky little label makers…

Do yourself a favor and stick with olive oil and add a twist of lime if you feel your lettuce needs to be snazzed up a little!