Nature’s Wraps

Remember back when we thought eating lavash, pita or tortilla wraps was somehow a better and healthier option to a sandwich?

Take out the fact that what’s inside is also a huge deal breaker (or maker); a wrap is a wrap.  All of the above have grains, all are highly processed and packed full of anti nutrients and all their lovely (not really) side effects.

If you’re keen to enjoy an on-the-go snack or meal, why not just use one of nature’s many wraps: leaves!

From Bibb Lettuce to Romaine, from Kale to Chard and from Collards to Iceberg Lettuce (which, by the way, is not really completely devoid of nutrients; it’s a good source of Vitamin K!), all of these leaves are pick and eat, if need be, although I’d certainly recommend washing them off firsh, and going organic if possible.

Any large leaf can work- some, like Chard, are more conducive to rolling up, while crunchier options, like Romaine, serve to make a better ‘boat’ if you will, all provide fiber, calcium and a host of health promoting benefits, with none of the down sides of eating refined, man made edible containers to hold our proteins and fats.

Try leftover sliced turkey layered with avocado and sliced apple inside a Chard leaf or ground chicken cooked in coconut oil topped with shredded carrot inside Romaine.

Sky’s the limit- just be creative!