Just Have a Little… It’s No Big Deal? Not So Much.

As the holidays approach, regardless of where one stands on being Paleo or not, it’s a common concern to be thinking about how to effectively deal with tempting treats at the office, desserts at parties and an over abundance of sweets in general.

More often than not, the message we get from the media, whether we’re talking about the latest ‘diet’ trend or advice from a ‘professional’ is that ‘everything in moderation is ok’.

I feel quite strongly that this is absolutely the wrong approach because ‘everything’ includes… everything.

A little bit of sugar, for many people, is too much sugar.   Don’t forget that sugar is a potent chemical, a drug, for lack of a better way to describe it.

Have a little and suddenly it seems like a good idea to have a little more and what was meant to be a bite can turn into anything from stuffing one’s self for that meal to going on a much longer sugar-binge roller coaster.

Unfortunately, this can happen even with Paleo treats that may not have white sugar but have been prepared with foods found in nature that are very sweet, paired with other foods whose derivatives may have been found in nature but have been so highly processed, they’re no longer nutritionally valuable.

Ultimately, it comes down to a choice of tasting and eating something that you view is an important part of your enjoyment of a particular event or of the entire season versus how it’s going to make you feel.  

If you can honestly say that you’ll be able to just have a bite or two of any given ‘treat’ and leave it at that, perhaps you can use the ‘everything in moderation’ approach.

If, however, you’re like most people, and it never stops at just one bite, you don’t have to feel you’re missing out.

  • First, remember how good you feel when you eat protein, veg and fat and how poorly you feel when sugar comes into the picture.
  • Keep your meals regular and balanced and Paleo and don’t go hungry.
  • Create flavor and aroma profiles that reflect the holiday spirit without the dangerous side effects- cinnamon on a baked apple with walnuts or a pumpkin soup with a side of hearty steamed veggies and roast chicken with sage and onion.
  • If you do opt for a Paleo treat, have it as part of a meal to lower the glycemic load and significantly reduce chances of a blood sugar spike, dip and subsequent roller coaster.

Make a plan, choose wisely, stick with it and you’ll feel a whole lot better!