Olive Oil Infusion

Often, when new to Paleo, people might turn their nose up at the idea of no traditional dressings for salads.   Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Creamy Italian and Russian are far from Paleo with ingredients including cream, cheese, soybean or peanut oil and along with a very high sodium and/or sugar content.

What’s left?   Olive oil and for some acid, to replace vinegar, citrus fruits.

Sound boring?

Perhaps, you haven’t experienced really, truly good olive oil.

I had the opportunity to give a recent Paleoista lecture at an Olive Oil Tasting Room in Orange County and even though I was already a fan of olive oils from Spain, Italy, Greece and California, I was able to expand my palate even more and enjoy some seriously decadent olive oil at Oliver’s in San Clemente.

From cold pressed, extra virgin olive oils infused with basil or garlic to a grassy varietal with a peppery finish from Italy, it was a taste-bud satisfying experienced that just also happened to be oh-so-Paleo.

Check out their oils here for more; your body will thank you and you won’t even remember the days when you used to douse your leaves in cream based dressings!