Nose To Tail Dining!

Smart Parts, the title of a piece in the NY TImes on the second of November, was a refreshing article about people eating Paleo, 

OK, no, it wasn't.. per se… BUT it's generally the same gist.



What?  Even the fatty bits?  Even the organs?  Aren't they way too high in saturated fat?

Perhaps, if that were ALL you ate, maybe so.  

I see absolutely nothing wrong and nothing 'not Paleo' about eating the ear of a pastured pig, the brains of a grass fed cow or the liver of a free range hen.

Of course, I love the more commonly served pork tenderloin, filet mignon and chicken breast just as much as the next (Paleo) girl, BUT the idea of only eating part of an animal (and leaving the rest to… what?) does not make sense.

Find the idea off-putting?

Have you ever eaten a hot dog, a sausage or a burger from a fast food joint?  What do you suppose might have been in those?

Read the article and heed the advice- get to know your local butcher, expand your palate and save a dollar!  Think of the price difference between dry aged grass fed filet and any of the remaining 'bits'!

If you need extra encouragement, check out some of the growing number of eateries, from fine dining to hole-in-the-walls that offer amazingly delectable preparations of many these cuts.

Time for dinner…marrow, garlic and, of course… garlic kale await!