Getting Bored Of Your Steamed Veggies?

Don't nix them in favor of a heavy starch to accompany your protein at your next meal- just jazz 'em up!

Yes, steaming veggies is probably the easiest way to prep them, aside from eating them raw, but often, people might begin to find steamed broccoli and poached chicken breast monotonous.

Try any or all of the following in order to have access to many different flavors & textures to add to any of your steamed veggies, while staying healthy & Paleo, right in your own kitchen:

-Prepare some homemade guacamole (mash up some avocado, add lemon, onion, tomato & cilantro; place in bowl, and keep the avocado pit in the middle to prevent browning).

-Prepare some Paleo Pesto with basil, olive oil, lemon, garlic & pine nuts.

-Mix together raw almonds, flaxseed oil, avocado- whiz in food processor til combined.

-Make some summer peach salsa- chop up some fresh peaches and tomato, add some lime juice, cilantro and some chili powder.

Use the above as accompaniments to veggies, as well as protein, and you're sure to be anything but bored!