Raspberry Bars, Frosted Flakes and Bear Claws, Oh, My!

This morning as I was running my usual Monday errands, I made some interesting observations.

I’ll admit, I’m typically guilty of being glued to my iPhone at times, so usually, if I’m somewhere which requires me to wait on line for something, I’ll use the time to catch up on an email or two, or send out a tweet.

Today, however, for some reason, I opted to leave my phone in the car.  This allowed more time for me to actually be present during the mundane task of waiting on line, first at a local little market to grab some sliced turkey and an avocado, later for a bottle of sparkling water and finally just walking from one place to the next.

At the first place, the woman in front of me ordered a ‘raspberry bar’ and a coffee.   Later on, in my second stop, the customer ahead of me ordered a bear claw, a chocolate croissant and a large nonfat latte.  Finally, as I walked along the main drag in Santa Monica, passing several premium hotels with outdoor dining, I saw two thirty something women dining al fresco eating…Frosted Flakes for their breakfast.


Put Paleo aside for a moment…I really don’t think anyone can come up with any argument why any of those options were good ones?

These observations all occurred before 11 am.  All those people chose to begin their day with processed grain and sugar, no protein, no veg, nothing remotely nutrition in any way, shape or form.

What an awful shame.  Here in Los Angeles, no less, where we have such an abundance of gorgeous produce year round; it just pains me to think of it!

It was quite interesting to note, I will add, that the four women I described above all happened to be slim and appear healthy.  Note the use of the words ‘slim’ (over lean) and ‘appear’ (as we don’t know what’s going on, on the inside).

Unfortunately, at times, that’s the very crux of the issue.  People eating junk and believing they can ‘get away with it’ simply because their weight is within the healthy range.

Alas, it’s just not the case.

Even if you’re someone who eats a diet filled with junk but just not a lot of it, you’re still causing harm to your body and creating a situation that will someday require some level of ‘fixing’ down the line.   Whether it’s a decreased bone density, leaky gut or diabetes, eating things that are not food is not a good idea, even if you’re ‘skinny’ (or skinny fat, as I like to call it!)

Food for thought, literally.

Put down that doughnut and grab an apple!