Oh, THAT’s Saucy! A Flavorful Paleo Topper!

I LOVE plain.  Plain steamed veg, plain, rare filet, plain raw salmon, plain raw kale.

Maybe I'm an aonmaly?

Whatever the case may be, many of my clients and readers ask for suggestions for sauces, dressings and dips.

By simply playing around with a variety of Paleo foods, one can come up with ENDLESS options for all of the above.

Here's one that I based off of the idea of a somewhat-hummus-esque dip, without the garbanzos and tahini!

-Roast a whole head of garlic, let cool and then press all the cloves out of the paper. Place in a mini food processor.

-Pour in some extra virgin olive oil and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.

– Add some freshly toasted walnuts and freshly ground black pepper.

-Whiz until thoroughly incorporated.

You can vary the consistency/texture by adding more or less lemon juice, olive oil and even a little chilled broth or water if you want more of a pourable dressing.

Serve as a dip with crudites, a salad dressing or heat it and serve as a sauce for chicken!