Have A Little Lamb

Lamb kebabs, braised lamb shanks (as shown above with veg and cauliflower ‘rice)  and coconut lamb curry are just a few of my favorite dishes to prepare using this healthy meat.

Did you know that grass fed lamb is packed with health benefits:

  • Great source of iron (twice as rich as pork, three times as rich as chicken and six times as rich as fish!)
  • Zinc
  • B and D vitamins

If you’ve had lamb before and felt it was less than enjoyable to eat, give it another try.  

I, too, felt the same way; as a child, the only memories I had of eating lamb were not that great.  An over broiled lamb chop with no seasonings that I had on a visit to a friend’s house left me with a very bad taste in my mouth…. pun intended.

Fortunately, my husband shared with me his love of a good curry ‘slap up’, including some of the tastiest lamb dishes I’ve still ever enjoyed to this day, prepared in several different Indian regional styles.

Try to source it locally; inquire at your farmer’s market or check out Eat Wild’s site, rather than going straight for the New Zealand imports.  Unless, of course, you live in New Zealand!