Paleo Mistake # 3- Not Eating Enough

It’s not too uncommon for those new to Paleo to report feeling hungry in the beginning.    

Yes, there is a brief transitional phase during which our bodies are adapting to the new regime of pure, unadulterated food.   However, this does not mean that we need to go around hungry while we wait for some magical transformation.

On the contrary, feeling hungry is not something that we just have to deal with and ignore while we’re at the start of being Paleo.

So what should be done if you’re hungry?

EAT!  And eat a balanced meal.  A lone carrot on its own does not a snack make, unless you’re a three pound bunny.

Not too complicated, but for many, the idea of needing to eat more frequently is uncomfortable.  Often, clients will say things like, “I felt hungry only two and a half hours after breakfast, and I didn’t think I should be hungry yet, so I waited to eat.”

Not the right approach.

Yes, you may have eaten a breakfast of chicken, broccoli and avocado at 7:30 am but that doesn’t mean there is anything unreasonable about feeling hungry for your next meal at around 10am.    

The caloric content and density of that meal will sustain you and provide even blood sugar levels, but since you’re no longer eating fillers (i.e. grains, legumes and all their derivative products) don’t be surprised if you’re hungry sooner than in the old days when you’d add rice, pasta or bread to every meal.

Listen your body and fuel it when it tells you to.

If you’re worried about gaining weight in this manner, keep in mind that not eating enough is actually far more detrimental in that process than eating a nice balance of healthy fats, natural proteins and complex carbs via veg and fruit.  In fact, if Paleo is followed properly in its intended balance, it’s very difficult to not reach one’s ideal weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.