Once you’ve cooked up all that deliciousness, what are your favorite ways to store in order to keep everything fresh through the week?

I'm a big fan of storing food in glass or ceramic in the refrigerator, NOT plastics.  There are enough things we are exposed to (just by breathing?) that I prefer to limit consumption of toxins where I can.

I'm certainly not a plastic expert, so whether the new generation nalgene containers are safe or not, as well as things like SIGG bottles, I cannot say for sure.

I'd rather stick with what I know!  Glass is safe for the fridge, for the oven and for eating and drinking from!

Having said that, I haven't come across a good substitute for freezing in freezer-oriented plastic bags, unfortunately.  I will divide cooked or raw proteins into specific serving sizes and freeze them for safe keeping, sometimes in a marinade.  Plan ahead and decide what you're going to cook each night for dinner during the week, and make extra so that you  have the rest for a nice breakfast or lunch the next day.

Whatever challenges you may come across, keep being creative to find solutions to further streamline your healthy Paleo food prep!