Paleo Doner Kebabs

*Must say first off- yes, it LOOKS like dairy on top of the meat, but what you're seeing is a coconut tzatziki I've made to top off the lamb dish we ate for dinner the other night…

I often ask my husband for requests for dinner, and the more challenging, the better!  I never turn down a suggestion to attempt to Paleo-ize any recipe or type of cuisine!

Last week, he said, "How about making Doner Kebabs"?  I will admit, that initially, I thought of "Donder, the reindeer", but alas, I was mistaken. 

It's actually  Turkish dish, made of ground, seasoned lamb, then roasted on a spit, and served traditionally on pita and/or rice, with yogurt-based dressing, feta, tomato and onions.

While I do not actually have a spit, I still made my version of this dish similar to the way one might bake a meatloaf.

I combined minced lamb with a puree of onion, rosemary, black pepper, yellow onion, garlic and marjoram and pressed it into a loaf pan, then baked for about an hour at 400F.  

I served it on Romaine lettuce, topped with a sauce made of coconut yogurt (notice how it curdled from the addition of some lemon juice), cucumber, olive oil and pepper.

On the side, of course, was a heaping serving of raw kale along with some of my baked yam 'fries' since we both had a huge training day the next day on our bikes!