Paleo Taco Truck

Nope, I wasn’t dreaming.  I stopped by a little hole in the wall Mexican Eatery the other day and guess what I saw on the menu?

Grilled fish ‘tacos’ served in lettuce, with no cheese, sour cream, rice or beans.   They came automatically with tomato, shredded cabbage and avocado.

Of course, I double checked to make sure the fish hadn’t been marinated in anything with soy or gluten, and not only did the manager verbally assure me that it hadn’t, he produced a binder filled with nutritional info which supported what he’d told me.

Imagine the day when we can go into any restaurants from casual cafes to three star Michelin establishments and know that we can stay Paleo without making alterations to the menu!

Why not?

It’s not at all uncommon in many parts of the country to easily find a vegan option, or vegetarian, or gluten free…so let’s all keep making our voices heard until more and more places keep listening!