A Paleo Mix?

With the exception of perhaps a dried spice and herb blend called a ‘seasoning mix’, I’d be really hard pressed to believe any mix of any kind could be Paleo. Especially a bread mix. A few weeks back, I wrote about a Paleo Bread Machine and this morning in an email newsletter, there was an announcement of a company who is launching a bread mix, made with almond flour, of course and some other ingredients that are also not Paleo including cider vinegar and salt as well as coconut flour. It’s not to say that this recipe or this product isn’t a far better option than traditional sandwich bread and in fact, eating something like this can help when one is transitioning from Standard American to Paleo. The issue I have with it is that if one isn’t familiar with the premise of what Paleo really is, one could easily think that by simply switching from wheat based bread to this brand, or others like it which are simply more along the lines of gluten-free bread rather than a Paleo food, they’re following a Paleo regime. And they’re not. Eating bread- any kind of bread – regularly is simply a way to keep the body inflamed. True Paleo helps the body become less inflamed and eventually not inflamed at all. Nourishing your body with multi colored veggies, wild proteins and a good measure of fat is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. Loading up with almond and coconut flours mixed with vinegar and salt…not so much. If you’re going in phases, do your best to stick to just that, and phase it out completely. The nutritional benefits you’ll reap from all the veggies you add to take the place of what fillers might offer don’t even compare. Pile on the greens!