Steak Tartare- Can You Get More Paleo Than Raw Meat?


I must begin with a caveat:  I would NOT suggest making this recipe unless you are completely sure of your source being reliable and SAFE!  In other words, DON'T pop into the local grocery franchise and make this recipe with 'sale' meat!

  • Combine a pound finely ground (GRASS FED, CERTIFIED ORGANIC) beef tenderloin with a teaspoon of mustard seed (NOT prepared mustard, as it often contains vinegar), freshly ground black pepper, 1 raw egg (ALSO from a reputable source!), 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, a handful of chopped parsley and minced red onion.
  • DON'T over-season; that would be no different than ruining a lovely piece of wild salmon sashimi by dousing it in soy sauce and pretend wasabi.  Rather, savor the natural flavor!
  • Serve with lettuce along side (in lieu of frites, which often accompany this dish!)- your choice of Romaine, Bibb or Butter Lettuces, all of which make for nice, edible, Paleo serving 'wraps'.

This amount can serve as a starter, when divided into smaller portions, or as a main course, when offered with veggies and served in a larger amount.