Childhood Obesity…Thanks to the Help of School Lunches

In today's NY Times , there's a short piece on how school lunches (which list corn and potatoes (as in 'tater tots') as the veggie portion of many of their selections) contribute to childhood obesity.

The staggering fact is that across America, it is the anomaly to see a child of a healthy weight, than to see an overweight child.  As in over 70% of kids are classified as obese, according to this article.

The article concludes on a (semi?) positive note, stating "Help is on the way, though. Under a federal law passed in December, Department of Agriculture guidelines will limit the number of calories served at every school meal and require programs to offer a broad variety of fruits and vegetables — not just corn and potatoes."

Not saying I trust what the USDA says, but at the very least, hopefully more people are becoming aware of the gravity of the situation.

Do your kids a favor and pack them a healthy Paleo lunch to bring along!