It happened again today.  I had a meeting with an organization, which shall remain anonymous, to discuss how we (I) might implement healthy eating principles into their employees’ daily regime.

They were intrigued at ‘healthy, common sense eating’, agreed with ‘local, sustainable and organic’ but as soon as the word Paleo came  up, they cringed.

I am quite cautious as to when I use the word, or opt to leave is as unspoken and subtle.  If I’m speaking at a Cross Fit Gym, an Ancestral symposium or at any type of venue where I’ve been invited to address all the health benefits of Paleo, then of course, it’s 100% Paleo this and Paleo that.

On the flip side, if I’m talking to a group targeted towards weight loss, or doing  a cooking demo about ways to prepare veggie, it may be more of the ‘yes this is Paleo but I’ll keep that fact on the down low.’

It doesn’t really matter…except when large groups as a whole that could benefit tremendously by doing things like clearing out the employee break rooms of microwave popcorn and soda, offering incentive programs for them to get moving and even (gasp) offering Paleo options in the cafe.

There are companies that do this already.  One well known software company in the silicon valley happens to  have a Paleo station at their cafe every weekday!

Keep in mind, I’m not pretending that in one fell swoop an entire mega company would go 100% Paleo overnight; but to not even let the conversation carry past a mention of merely including the Paleo regime as an offering does an incredible disservice to that particular company as a whole.  

If only people could understand what True Paleo really is before ruling it out based on the idea that it’s all about eating raw meat, loads of bacon and living as a knuckle-dragging caveman.  Such a shame!