Paleo Goals for The New Year

Following along the same theme as the post from a few day's ago, I thought it timely to speak to those of you who have decided you're ready to be Paleo, and this is the right time,  but may be having  a bit of difficulty converting all your former eating habits.

I've found some clients have had success going cold (free-range) turkey (OK, bad joke) and eliminating all the three evils at once- dairy, grains & legumes, while others prefer to wean themselves off one culprit at a time.  

If the latter applies to you, why not use that as a structure for a set of your New Year's Goals?

You choose what is most comfortable for you, and set a schedule you can stick to,  Perhaps you'll cut dairy NOW, then in one week cut gluten, then all grains, etc. 

As long as you end up in the right place, you'll set yourself up for the healthiest 2011 you can dream of!

You've got plenty of resources at your fingertips to help you; The Paleo Diet Book, as well as The Paleo Diet for Athletes and The Paleo Diet Cookbook will all serve to promote your healthy eating habits.   AND- you can always e-mail me with any questions about all things Paleo… that's what I'm all about!