Paleo Recovery Drinks For Training In The Cold

For those of you who, like me, have to brave the elements in order to get our outdoor swim training in (OK, I know I'm in LA, but still… it's COLD right now!:), you may feel like the last thing you want after getting out of the water is a shivering cold HomeBrew!

While I cannot tout the benefits of this Paleo Approved Recovery Drink enough (recipe is in The Paleo Diet for Athletes, in case you're new to the scene), I'm the swimmer who has tea bags in her sports bottle, filled with hot water on the pool deck in an attempt to keep warm from the inside, so I get it.

However, you still need to recover, especially for those of us who are now in triathlon season and are doing two or three-a-days.

What to do?

Remember what's in Homebrew and be creative in order to make your own WARM (or at least not iced) recovery concoctions!

Granted, if you're only doing a 60 minute set, you don't need a homebrew or the equivalent of the same number of calories that you would if you've just returned from a 6 hour bike & run brick.

Think high glcyemic carbohydrates with easily digestible proteins in a 4:1 CHO:PRO ratio.  Don't over think the numbers- listen to your body and after a few trial and error sessions you'll see which foods and what quantities work for you.

Some of my faves include:  

-Warm (NOT piping hot) Herbal tea (choose green for anti oxidant benefits!) with egg white protein powder and a squashed banana mixed in.  You can do this at home, carefully, as many blenders are not suitable for use with hot liquids.  Bring in a thermos and enjoy post swim.

-It doesn't have to be liquid; it can be something easy and portable that is simply NOT cold!  Natural applesauce or baby food banana (only because it's more portable than a fresh banana and you can leave the former in your gym bag) mixed with hard boiled chopped egg whites and a sprinkle of nutmeg & salt.

-Warmed apple juice (remembering that post or pre w/o is really the only time we should consume juice, due to its high glycermic nature), again with the egg white protein powder pre mixed in and a cinnamon stick.

Warm up while you recover and then, by the time you're done showering & getting ready for work, you'll nearly be ready for your next Paleo meal!

Thermos brand makes a great option which is meant to keep contents warm for 8 hours- perfect for post swim, ski or snowshoe!