Paleo Yam & Apple Casserole

I created this dish to use during the holidays in lieu of that awful 'sweet potato and marshmallow' thing that I've heard people sometimes have as part of their holiday fare.

Yes, the holidays are over, BUT, we athletes still need our yams (or sweet potatoes, depending on what part of the world you live in!)

Here's an EASY to prep dish for Friday nights when you've got a long bike and run the next day, for example!

Bake yams in a dish of water until soft.


Let sit until cool enough to handle, then remove skins:


Then, mash with a fork, add some olive oil and keep mashing until smooth.

Meanwhile, slice some golden delicious apples and saute in olive oil with rosemary:


Then, layer the apples on top of the yam.  Finish off with some freshly toasted pecans and you'll have a great option for starch to fuel those long endurance sessions!