Paleoista Holiday Tip # 19: Avoiding Sugaring Up the Kids

Candy, cakes and cookies are everywhere at this time of year and since so many adults are partaking, it becomes even more challenging to make sure the little ones aren’t overdoing it, too!

There’s already so much excitement in the air as a natural part of the anticipation of the holidays, the last thing you need is for the kids to be even more amped up after having eaten sugary snacks all day long.

What’s the answer?

  • Let your desire for them to be healthy with their eating choices be an impetus for you to lead by example and keep making good food available at home all the time.  Much easier to have the kids eating some veggies with their chicken if you’re doing the same!
  • Plan some treats and let them enjoy, but keep it balanced and keep it Paleo if you’re supplying them.  Make sure the Paleo version of a brownie you’ve made is given after a balanced dinner full of veg, protein and fat, rather than allowing snack to consist of coconut ice cream and paleo chocolate cookies.
  • At the same time, given that we’re not living in a bubble and the last thing you’d want to do is to set an early stage for any sort of eating issues with the kids, don’t fuss if they have the real deal when they’re at school or at a friend’s house… once in a while.  No need to make them feel ostracized so unless your child has a condition where they absolutely must avoid a food, like Celiac disease, I find that clients who keep the little ones Paleo at home and allow them to be a ‘regular’ eater from time to time have the most success with the kids actually preferring the Paleo foods.  Much more so than parents who’ve tried to force it upon them.

Of course, kids would be far healthier if they were all Paleo, but it’s got to be balanced with keeping their psyche in mind and being careful not to repel them from the very diet that’s serving you so well!

If you need more help, click here to buy my Paleo Kids download plan, for a one-week plan can turn into months of ideas for meals that are easy to prepare, carry and eat for children of any age!

Use that as a guideline and then factor in the occasional sweet and treat during this festive time of year.