Smaller Portions Coming Soon!

I actually feel a bit embarrassed when I travel abroad and face a question posed by many: Why are your portions in the US so gigantic?


It wasn’t my idea.

We’ve likely all seen the documentaries which detail how small a burger and soda were in the 50s…compare that to present day.   I saw a woman at the cinema carrying a literal bucket of popcorn that was half as tall as she was.

What on earth?

And who needs a gallon of soda?

My word.

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised to read in the Times yesterday that “restaurant chains around the country are adding more nutrition choices and shrinking portion sizes.”

Finally, a step in the right direction.   Simply put, if someone is going to eat junk, at the very least eating less of said junk is better than eating more of it.   

The article goes on to point out the trend some restaurants have been a part of wherein calories are published and/or lower calorie options are advertised. Awareness can be said to be the first part of making changes.

In particular, the single sentence in the entire piece that summed everything up, quite succinctly, no less, was the closing quote: “When the public starts saying it wants healthier options – and we are hearing that – we have an obligation to help show you what that means in our restaurant and give you choices to help you achieve that; it’s good business”, said Dr. Riggs,  CEO of the Pita Pit Franchise.

Hear that?   The simple act of not buying highly refined, sugar laden junk completely lacking in nutrition is truly the only thing we can do to send a loud and clear message.   These are businesses we’re dealing with, and the one and only thing that hurts are empty pockets.   

Let’s make them sell us what we want to buy!

Off I go to send an email to McDonald’s to ask them to start serving Paleo- friendly raw kale salad; should be on their menu in no time, right?