What’s That Green Stuff in My Lobster?

Lobster and all shellfish are an excellent part of the Paleo diet.  High in protein, Selenium, Vitamin B12, zinc and phosphorus as well as being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and low in cholesterol, they’re a great option to include in one’s Paleo regime.

They’re also extremely easy to prepare and so delicious on their own, without the traditional melted butter side that is all too commonly served with this fantastic crustacean.

But what’s with that green… stuff inside and is it ok to eat?

It’s a digestive called called a hepatopancreas which is like a combined pancreas and liver.  Not only is it edible; for lobster connoisseurs, it’s considered the best part… a ‘lobster concentrate’ of sorts.  Chefs often use it to flavor sauces or make compound butter, but it can be eaten as is… as long as you enjoy potent lobster flavor!

One thing to consider is whether or not the lobster was sourced during a red tide.  If so, it may be safer to avoid eating the ‘green’ as there is higher likelihood of shellfish poisoning if the lobster had access to eating infected clams or scallops.