Paleoista Holiday Tip # 22: Be True To Your Paleo Self Without Getting Preachy

In response to my request for Paleo-related holiday blog topics, one reader wrote in asking for advice about how to ‘make his family eat Paleo for the holiday meal because they’re overweight and eat too much sugar’.


That  was a loaded one!

As much as I’ve love to think that it would be oh so easy to simply explain how Paleo is so good for all of us, as well as being a delicious way to eat for even the most devout foodie, it’s just not going to happen.

No one,  myself included, wants to be instructed about what they will or will not eat.  It’s such a personal thing, so I’d strongly recommend not trying to force it upon anyone.  Introduce it, sure, and when asked, elaborate, but trying to corner someone, or the whole family, into seeing your view may have just the opposite reaction you’re going for.

At the same time, you needn’t feel to bend the other way and eat all of the non Paleo bounty on the table, either.

Do your best to find the delicate balance between eating how you know you should do feel your best, without allowing it to turn into a heated debate over the holiday dinner.

It can be done!