Paleoista New Year Giveaway: Win A Pantry Basics Basket!

We’re nearly halfway through January already; can you believe it? Statistically, this week is when the most people will join a gym, embark on a new fitness endeavor…and begin a new ‘diet’. While many people do, indeed, begin attempts to execute rigid New Year’s resolutions effective January 1st, for many the first week of the new year may be a combination of holiday withdrawal or, as some refer to it, holiday hangover. A combination of feeling that inevitable resolve to do things differently in the new year, mixed with a bit of shock of  how much was eaten to excess and how little exercise was completed may’ve led to a bit of a shock once a you did a quick check in on your scale or attempted, unsuccessfully to fit into your skinny jeans. As part of my Healthy Paleoista New Year promotion, I’d like to offer you a chance to win one Paleoista approved basket, offered in conjunction with Barefoot Provisions, each week for the next three weeks. For this week, you’ll have a chance at the Paleoista Pantry Basics, next week will be the Portable Proteins and finally, the Paleoista Special Occasions Basket for the week beginning January 26th. What’s in a it? The Paleoista Pantry Basics Kit  contains:

  • Two of the healthiest fats: olive oil, great for drizzling on top of steamed veggies or salad, and coconut oil, perfect for cooking foods at higher temps while providing great taste and loads of health benefits.
  • A selection of authentic spice blends which helps you to create endless culinary possibilities you can whip up in your very own kitchen.

With an emphasis on local, seasonal produce, balanced out with naturally raised proteins, a True Paleoista regime is all about a focus on flavor and abundance of all the wonderful foods we can nourish our bodies with while enjoying ridiculously delicious foods at the same time! Click here to learn more and then comment on which item you’d would like most from the kit, or what dish you’d make from the kit! Your comment on facebook, twitter , instagram or my blog gets you entered. At the end of each week a winner will randomly be selected and it starts again on Monday of the next week. Click here  to shop online and for your entry now; let the healthy eating begin!